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Skulls and bones can be found on locations where players died! Has extensive support in feature compatibility with other datapacks of mine.

If witchtrading is installed, Shinigamis will also be introduced. Sounds kind of crazy right?


To disable hover-over names, set $display_name$ in g.deaths to 0 (1 is default, in the hurtfulpack 0 is default): /scoreboard players set $display_name$ g.deaths 8

To disable the generation of big trees, set $generate_trees$ in g.usebonemeal to 0 (1 is default): /scoreboard players set $generate_trees$ g.usebonemeal 0


Minecraft Versions

Current file for Minecraft 1.14/1.15

1.13 (unsupported), 1.14/1.15 (stable) and possibly for even later versions on the master branch.

This is the master branch. Switch branches to get to the respective versions.

Performance Impact 🔴3/5


Author: Metroite