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limitedlife limits the max health of a player by a heart every death. Max health can be restored if a Batwing is cooked in a water-filled cauldron under an End Crystal. You can throw an end_crystal item into the cauldron to summon it. The "Absorption" effect will be needed in order to catch the resulting beam!

Also, you can craft a different kind of Elytra using Batwings (tip: burns on daylight)!

Recommended to use with graves (Batwing will be replaced with Skull Dust as the cooking ingredient), ventilators (more uses for Batwings) and sapphire (to be able to turn your Life Support Glass into Life Support Sapphire Glass by holding Sapphire Glass in your offhand).



M - Phantom Membrane

U - Bucket

B - Batwing (Bat Spawn Egg)

Batwing Suit: (Recipe Book: Milk Bucket)



Minecraft Versions

Current file for Minecraft 1.14/1.15

1.13 (unsupported), 1.14/1.15 (stable) and possibly for even later versions on the master branch.

This is the master branch. Switch branches to get to the respective versions.

Performance Impact 🔴4/5


Author: Metroite