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Tnt placed in a 2x2x2 shape are loud enough to be heared from 1024 blocks away. Gamerule "mobGriefing" needs to be set to true to also experience its massive explosion.

If graves is installed, it will enable you to bomb skulls into Skull Dust this way.


If you want to make Skull Dust only obtainable through explosions set $noskulldustfromgraves$ in l2t.storeboard to 1 (0 is default): scoreboard players set $noskulldustfromgraves$ l2t.storeboard 0


Minecraft Versions

Current file for Minecraft 1.14/1.15

1.13 (unsupported), 1.14/1.15 (stable) and possibly for even later versions on the master branch.

This is the master branch. Switch branches to get to the respective versions.

Performance Impact 🔴1/5


Author: Metroite