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Release r1: Everything is stable and complete!

There might be some things I missed, but everything should be stable and complete now.


All Datapacks

earlyleatherarmor graves growontoptree (not recommended) limitedlife loud2x2tnt morsecode signalfire

limitedlife, graves and loud2x2tnt are recommended to be installed together and make up the current "Hurtful Pack" (harder survival)!


earlyleatherarmor Crafting recipes, note that the leather boots give additional speed!

graves 2018-08-18_19 29 27 Upon death, the player drops a skull and some bones with it. If the skull gets mined, it will drop bonemeal called "Skull Dust". This can be used to grow tallgrass and tall flowers on grass blocks! If limitedlife is present, it'll replace the "Bat Wings" as the curing ingredient.

loud2x2tnt 2018-08-18_19 55 14 If tnt is placed in a 2x2x2 shape, it'll be much stronger (ExplosionRadius:30b), louder (1024 blocks loud) and it will crush every skull into "Skull Dust" if graves is also installed!

limitedlife 2018-08-18_19 39 17 The player will lose one heart every death. The glass block reduces the max health. The player can only heal if End Crystals above filled cauldrons are provided with its curing ingredient, the "Bat Wings". A rare drop from bats. During the process, the absorbing effect is needed in order to catch the beam! The End Crystal gets angry very quickly, so don't challenge it...

2018-08-18_19 42 06 If the player fails to heal before its 10th death, it will be teleported into "The Void". From there on, the only hope is to wait for someone who didn't catch the beam in the curing process.

2018-08-18_19 48 41 The "Bat Wings" can also be used to craft a different kind of Elytra.

2018-08-18_19 45 52 The "Bat Wingsuit". Its slow, burns on daylight and expensive. Easier to obtain early game!

morsecode 2018-08-18_20 04 55 These can be used to give signals from any distance and any dimension (if the chunks are loaded). Gold is for sending signals and Iron for receiving them. The picture shows how to build them.

signalfire 2018-08-18_20 06 08 You feel lonely? Throw leaves on burning wood to get attention by nearby players!




Please report any issues, even if you are not sure. 👍

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