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Release r2: The "Hurtful" Difficulty

After about one and a half years I present to you, the Hurtful Pack r2 which consists of many smaller datapacks aiming to make every Minecrafters life a lot harder!

...a datapack pack?

The evolution from release 1 to release 2 is so big, that its progress could only be put into perspective by comparing the amount of .mcfunction files, which have increased by 1893% or by comparing the line count, which have increased by 1143%

while also having decrased the amount of performance impactful NBT lookups and @e selectors per file by 64%



Pictures will be added later to this changelog!


Part of the Hurtful Pack:

Not part of the Hurtful Pack:


Further general information about the datapacks can be found inside of every datapack folder of this repository. If there are issues or suggestion either report them on the Issue tracker or hop over to the Discord Server!