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You want the worse, old PvP from 1.8 back? Worry no more, this datapack will fulfill your wishes! Just install this datapack and enjoy your eZ, no-skill version of PvP!


Set $extend$ in wop.extend higher, the more the server is lagging (6 is default): /scoreboard players set $extend$ wop.extend 8

Use one of the mode funtions numbered from 0 to 2 if only the sword-block (1) or the no-cooldown (2) is wanted (0 is default): /function worseoldpvp:mode/0

Alternatively you can change ones mode individually by changing the palyers wop.mode score (0 is default): /scoreboard players set <player> wop.mode 0

If you want to be able to block while not sneaking set $mustsneak$ in wop.extend to 0 (1 is default): /scoreboard players set $mustsneak$ wop.extend 0

If you prefer status effects over item attributes set $attribute$ in wop.extend to 0 (1 is default): /scoreboard players set $attribute$ wop.extend 0

Enable cooldown for sword-blocking after every hit by setting $cooldown$ in wop.extend to any value above 0 ticks (0 is default): /scoreboard players set $cooldown$ wop.extend 10

It is recommended to disable FOV Effects in the Accessibility Settings if a zooming effect (decreasing FOV) is experienced.


Minecraft Versions

Current file for Minecraft 1.16

1.13 (unsupported), 1.14/1.15 (stable) and possibly for even later versions on the master branch.

This is the master branch. Switch branches to get to the respective versions.

Performance Impact 🔴2/5


Author: Metroite